Splendor – Jewellery style and design

The organic shapes that are characteristic of our designs are inspired by the shapes and energies present in nature. We want our pieces to embody beauty, comfort and positive thinking. This kind of form is close to the roots of people’s inherent concept of beauty, so our creations do not strive to follow contemporary fashion trends but rather radiate ageless beauty, embodying timeless aesthetics.
We perceive and think in all dimensions of space that is unique characteristic of us. The shape of our pieces reflect this. Our creations show a different face from each angle and this method could only be crafted by handmade techniques. This is why these creations can not be reproduced or duplicated by mass production.

Our designs are rooted in our own style and aesthetic coupled with the needs and dreams of our clients. They are not born out of the combination of existing shapes but through the creation of new ones. In our world jewellery is not a frame encompassing a stone but a personalized, well designed work of art that is characteristic of its wearer.
Besides aesthetics, the other most important aspects that guide our designs are comfort and durability. We at Splendor-Jewellery craft jewellery of the highest quality that will become cherished heirlooms for generations to come.